Video Premiere: Better Than Invisible

Better Than Invisible is the new split LP from Benjamin David Felton and The Paul Swest on Modern Meanlingless Records. Besides making me laugh, this video is a perfect teaser for this excellent album. The Paul Swest’s skronking good time, “It Major Ice I Saying,” has an oddly controlled sonic spasticity I find exciting. It’s like being inside with all the turning gears and gizmos of a cuckoo clock, guitars spelunking through wheezing flutes and across romping bass lines. Everything seems out of place, but it all somehow works together like magic. I can’t get enough.

On the other hand, Felton’s “Heeyy” is calming in uncertain ways. Voices dance across the spatial plane, moving into the furthest reaches of memory while synths spritz against surprise grooves and doleful guitar passages flit in-and-out of view. Angled in unexpected ways and pieces together masterfully, “It Major Ice I Saying” and “Heeyy” are beautifully congruent in a surprising narrative sense, bringing this split album together as a singular whole. 

Better Than Invisible is out now on Modern Meaningless on vinyl and digital formats. Order below.

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