Foxy Digitalis Mix #19: TUSK Editions

TUSK Festival is a UK mainstay, offering some of the most unique programming around and generally bending minds and opening new avenues with their events. I feel a real kinship with TUSK’s mission to bring supposedly difficult music to more mainstream situations and audiences. Obviously the pandemic has thrown a wrench in their operations, but they continue finding new ways to connect. Last year TUSK Festival moved online, presenting a series of live performances over September and October. They also launched TUSK Editions. In TUSK founder Lee Etherington’s own words (via WIRE):

TUSK Editions is a merging of the old school idea of a monthly subscription record club and the current possibilities offered by digital publishing. For a nominal fee, once a month everyone signing up for it receives around two hours of exclusive new music by artists that have associations with the festival, a digital magazine containing articles on all the artists contributing music, as well as all those featured in that month’s episode of TUSK TV, and more.

Presented here are selections from these releases. I cannot recommend the series enough and encourage readers to become members or pick up some of the fantastic offerings on the TUSK Editions Bandcamp.

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