Track Premiere: Pillars and Tongues “Great / Most Secret”

Out today via the legendary BlueSanct is a gorgeous live document from Chicago’s Pillars and Tongues shows the band at their peak. Recorded in 2009 after a lengthy tour with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Great / Most Secret” is a music with a primordial spirit as if these songs emerged from an ancient energy source beneath the Earth. In truth, they were birthed from hours upon hours of playing together, a lifetime of joy, heartache, and collaboration. Gentle rhythms propel the movement forward, a familiar voice calling us together while a violin soothes and hypnotizes.

There’s an understated beauty that bends toward catharsis as “Most Secret” begins. Sun salutations and palpable incandescence flow like sweet honey clouds across the droning landscape, a spiritual awakening at the dawn of a new age. Pillars and Tongues have seen the world and created a mountain of music, but these songs are something different. These are the blood songs imbued with a connective spirit. These offerings are alms to us all, weary and worn down, and I am thankful for the gift.

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