Video Premiere: Dolphin Midwives “Clearing”

Water is the medium for a cleansing ritual in Devin Jane Febbroriello’s transcendent video for “Clearing” from Sage Fisher’s newest Dolphin Midwives album, Body of Water. Across three acts, Febbroriello’s filmmaking techniques enhance the emotional depth and impact of the song. Shining like a torch over the aqueous electronics and pulsing beat, Fisher’s voice is fractured yet confident, steeled with anxious determination. 

Fisher’s vulnerability is a beacon throughout Body of Water, but especially on “Clearing” as she disarms the stranglehold of betrayal and control. The dichotomies throughout the video are enthralling. Early, in the bright white visages, the water drips and pours over Fisher, the action being done to her. As a darker palette emerges, she turns the tables and controls the action, cleansing lies in the opaque liquid. Ultimately she finds herself submerged and floating free and clear. 

Body of Water is available now via Beacon Sound.

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