Foxy Digitalis Mix #20: A.F. Jones

When Alan Jones isn’t busy making one of the year’s best music documentaries (seriously, if you haven’t seen the Keith Rowe doc, fix that this weekend), he is often making excellent music. I was impressed by his collaboration with Gabi Losoncy from earlier this year and last year’s A Jurist For Nothing is an album that continues surprising me. It’s no surprise, then, that this mix he made for Foxy Digitalis is captivating.


00’00” Inflexions (1965) – Mario Davidovsky (CRI)
07’36” Transformation of Ani (1970) – Alice Shields (CRI)
16’33” The Gears (1952) – Gil Mellé (Blue Note)
19’46” Cubic Zirconia (2014) – Good Area (Kye)
25’12” Postal A Luis Buñuel/Luna Y Panorama De Los Insectos/Romance De La Pana Negra (1984) – Violeta Ferrer reading Lorca (Nato)
30’44” Pien (final mode) (1966) – Chou Wen-Chung (CRI)
36’49” Rhythms Hung In Undrawn Sky (1983) – Marilyn Crispell (Leo Records)
41’42” Duet for Two Violins (one temp) (1972) – Giacinto Scelsi (Arditti Quartet) (Fore)
45’19” Poème Electronique (1958) – Edgard Varese (Columbia)
53’31” Interlude II (1972) – İlhan Mimaroǧlu(Finnadar)
58’33” Teletopa 1972 – second improvisation, part three (excerpt) (1972) (Splitrec)
63’57” Irregular 1 – Martin Klapper/Martin Küchen (2001) (Fylkingen)

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