Video Premiere: The Organizing Committee “The Day Computers Became Obsolete”

The title track for Eryk Salvaggio’s new album as The Organizing Committee is the #1 song on a planet in an alternate dimension. Salvaggio uses machine learning tools to create pop music and “The Day Computers Became Obsolete” is a magical combination of futuristic vocalizations with propulsive rhythms and organic guitar leads underlaid by ephemeral synths. Subversive hooks move across the cutting bass like a songbird dancing effortlessly through a cybernetic storm.

The video directed by Guillaume Pelletier-Auger features ‘a simulation of chaotic cellular automata gradually eroding and destroying regular grids.’ The effect is mesmerizing, moving in unison with Salvaggio’s late-night maze-racing aural blitz. As the disembodied, computerized voice sings “They turned order into catastrophe,” the visuals echo the sentiment, ultimately decaying into fizzing detritus. What a fantastic ride.

The Days The Computers Became Obsolete is out October 12 via No Type and comes with a 16-page booklet with lyrics and liner notes from Salvaggio. Preorder below.

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