Video Premiere: Matt LaJoie “Sprout”

Matt LaJoie’s guitar testaments always glisten like light bouncing off a moving stream. They are full of life and adventure, permeated with a generous energy and spirit that is infectious. LaJoie’s latest solo opus, Red Resonant Earth, continues this tradition and “Sprout” is a microcosm for its spreading roots. “Sprout” is the second part of an improvisation that took a riff from a less successful piece, “Seed,” and grew into this final form. “The idea here is an analogue to the seed containing the entire unfolding tree–its eventual trunk, branches, leaves, fruit, flowers, fragrance–all within its husk of potentiality,” LaJoie explains.

LaJoie’s mesmerizing video brings the sonorous fluctuations of the song to life. As LaJoie’s glyphs grow and dance and break down into different pieces, the sonic flow of “Sprout” aligns. Everything here is interconnected across an astral divide, temporary points across history and into the future where our potential, at any given moment, is limitless. The beautiful, meditative soundscapes are a lantern that lights the paths of possibility. LaJoie sums it up beautifully: “‘Sprout’ is the momentum found within recognizing yourself as the bridge between history and future; the future as present, active manifestation.”

Red Resonant Earth is out on October 22 via Flower Room. Pre-order below.

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