Foxy Digitalis Mix Series #22: Requiem & Simon McCorry

Collaborative mix from a collaborative project! Requiem (Doug Kallmeyer and Tristan Welch) have joined forces again with cellist Simon McCorry for a beautiful new album, Joy; Division, on Woodford Halse. Their music is haunting with Requiem’s emotive drone works buoyed by McCrory’s skillful cello magic. Joy; Division cradles the darkness. Pre-order the album, which releases on October 16, and stream their excellent mix below.


Twin Jude – LU (Doug)
Christine OTT – Comma (Simon)
Kelly Moran – Helix 3 (Tristan)
Cedrick Fermont – Thebaide (Simon)
Molly Joyce – Breaking and Entering (Tristan)
Divide and Dissolve – It’s Really Complicated (Tristan)
Belly Full of Starts – Pattern 5 (Simon)
Spectral Habitat- Bird (Doug)
Selvedge – Via Negativa (Simon)
Daniel Lanoias – The End (Doug)
David Avery and Allesandro Cortini – Water (Doug)
Opollo – Frozen Helmet (Tristan)

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