Video Premiere: Matt Robidoux “ee-ya”

A whimsical thread runs through the oddly endearing and catchy “ee-ya,” the second single from Matt Robidoux’s new album, At Dust on Already Dead Tapes. Robidoux’s music has a playful undercurrent that adds surprising colors to his intricate compositions. “ee-ya” finds magic in repetition, with Robidoux repeating the sounds “ee-ya” over and over while warped orchestrations unfold in the distance. Kris Force’s violin explorations, especially, add a decadent shimmer to this hypnotic song.

In the video shot by Levi Shand, Robidoux is communing with a cornfield, decked-out in neon green. “Few plants can manufacture quite as much organic matter from the same quantities of sunlight and water and basic elements as corn,” Robidoux says in the video description and it’s a mirror of the staying power of “ee-ya.” Staring with two simple sounds, Robidoux built a cascading, fanciful soundworld that won’t go away. 

At Dust is out now on Already Dead and can be ordered below.

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