Video Premiere: Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Dallas Acid “Mind Cinema”

Hans-Joachim Roedelius is a radiating force of nature. For half a century, Roedelius has created a universe of spectral sound. Well into his 80s, he continues to inspire, exploring new horizons and pushing his craft further as evidenced by this remarkable, expansive new collaboration, Mind Cinema, with Austin trio Dallas Acid. 

Director Gregory Gangemi’s stunning video for the album’s title track is like a journey into the birth of all life. The Hudson Valley-based director’s nature-inspired visual interpretation of this music adds a poignant new layer to the work. Swirling spectral oceans emulate the vibraphone-like keys and sweeping synth pads, a potent concoction of cosmic electronics. Vaporous drones permeate the gentle, ghostlike resonance the quartet constructs into inviting soundscapes, new worlds imbued with vivid colors. Gangemi’s visuals are continuously engaging, as planets orbit a central beacon, creating complex and evocative systems beyond space and time.

“Mind Cinema” floats in a meditative oblivion where stars become atoms and the microscopic world beyond our vision is an otherworldly aural ecosystem. Intricate shapes move in unison, the quartet’s sweeping sonic vistas whirring across drifting illustrious harmonic forms before resolving into a quiet, aqueous finale. It’s a brilliant piece that showcases how powerful this collaboration is, and in conjunction with Gangemi’s astonishing video, leaves a holographic mark.

Watch in full-screen mode (in a dark room if possible)

Mind Cinema is out on October 22 via Astral Editions. Pre-order below.

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