Video Premiere: Larry Wish & His Guys “Fable Table Cloth”

Larry Wish has always made me envious with his ability to graft the throwback crooner vibes that permeate his vocal hooks with odd-angled pop excursions. It’s a mix that gets into especially weird zones at times, but it’s never dull and it’s always worth hearing. Releases on Orange Milk, Moon Glyph, OSR Tapes, and others cemented his status as the deep underground’s consummate dream maker. 

Larry Wish & His Guys existed as an entity for nearly a decade, operating from 2010 until 2019. Fable Table Cloth is from 2017 at Minneapolis College and shows the band in its full glory. Everything about this concert film makes me simultaneously happy as hell it exists and eternally bummed I wasn’t there. Larry Wish & His Guys were at peak performance that night, oozing charisma and boundless energy that welcome us all to drink from this strange fountain folded into the universe. 

Larry Wish and his various iterations and entities can be found via Bumpy Records and the Larry Wish Bandcamp page.

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