Foxy Digitalis Mix #23: Home Learning

Home Learning is the duo of Tom Schmidlin (of pagination) and Edmund Osterman (of Screener). Their latest album, wireframed, is a drifting slab of permeable melancholy housed in an ultraviolet freefall. It’s music that glows under the right light, haunting in its graceful movements and severed from the planes of time. Schmidlin and Osterman assembled this excellent mix for the long nights ahead. wireframed is OUT NOW.


Dianogah “At the Mercy of the Mustang”
Tindersticks “City Sickness”
Wil Bolton “Carousel Dreams”
Grant-Lee Phillips “St. Expedite”
Stefano Guzzetti “Apertura”
R. Ring “Likeable”
Clariloops “Stream”
Tenci “Earthquake”
Harmonia/Eno “welcome”
Dolorean “Violence in the Snowy Fields”
Duster “Gold Dust”
The Besnard Lakes “Golden Lion”
Looper “Tomorrow’s World”
Malajube “Etienne d’auot”
Broadcast “Goodbye Girls”
Acer Rubrum “Heat in the Walls / Mole Synapse”
Black Eyed Dog “Patton Ave”
Kid Koala “Adrift – featuring Emilíana Torrini”
Rocky Votolato “Postcard from Kentucky”
Rodan “Bible Silver Corner”

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