Foxy Digitalis Mix #24: Headboggle

There’s something about Derek Gedalecia’s Headboggle project that always keeps me guessing and slightly confused. It’s one of the many reasons I am consistently smitten with his work. Beyond the interesting sonic pathways he explores, there’s a certain humor to his tunes that engages in ways that a lot of similar music fails to do. Don’t get me wrong, Gedalecia’s work is heady and thought-provoking, but it’s also fun and invites listeners deep into his alien worlds. Nobody is doing it like Headboggle. His newest album, Digital Digital Analog, is out now on Ratskin Records.


00:00 GG Local Duo (David Gedalecia/Mark Faurer) – Paddy on the Turnpike [unreleased, 1963]
01:20 Scotty – Draw Your Brakes [1971]
04:00 Ulrich Blume While My Synthi Gently Weeps [1985]
06:42 Mentocome – B6 [~1980]
11:05 Nirvana Sitar And String Group – Sunday Will Never Be the Same
13:47 William Parker – This Is My Country [2020]
19:09 Don Ellis – Irony [1962]
24:00 Ann Peebles – Come To Mama [1976]
26:48 Dobie Gray – The Outside World [unreleased, 1965]
29:32 The Meters – Same Old Thing [1970]
32:15 Raymond Lefevre – Soul Coaxing [1975]

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