Video Premiere: Steve Roden “Oionos”

With 2022 looming on the horizon, Room 40 is starting the year off with two massive editions. First, the album+book from Mike Cooper, and also this recording and monograph from Steve Roden’s exceptional Oionos, created for the exhibition The Grand Promenade in Athens, Greece. Roden worked with Dimitris Pikionis’s Church of St. Dimitris Loumbardiardis. His piece is gentle and delightfully, highlighting the resonance of the space. 

Roden built the audio from field recordings and small objects like tin whistles and toy harmonicas, woven together like an aural fabric intertwining with the landscape. “I felt that these simple things related to Pikionis’s ideas about architecture and craft, and his interests in indigenous culture in conjunction with intellectual and modern culture.”

Room 40’s stunning edition of Oionos will be released on January 14 and can be preordered below.

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