Track Premiere: John Thayer “Kites”

Photo by Lea Thomas

John Thayer has a laundry list of production credits under his belt, but even so his new album, Supermundane, is eye-opening. Thayer combines effervescent sonic textures and soothing field recordings to create fourth world silhouettes. “Kites,” the second single, is lush and energizing, the electronic expressions bubbling gently while gulls and waves twist in the distance. Thayer massages these delicate, intricate shapes out of a few disparate pieces to envelop listeners inside this beautiful moment.

‘”Kites’ began on tour in 2018 while staying in a funky old hotel perched above Mikawa Bay in Nishio, a seaside town in Japan,” Thayer explains, further adding, “I knew Sunrise would be special so I got up early and was delighted to see hundreds of Kites flying in the dawn sky.” Within the subtle movements of “Kites” melody, this inviting picture emerges to send us off floating into the day ahead.

Supermundane is out on November 19 via Moon Villain.

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