Christina Giannone “Glazed Vision”

There’s a feeling of arrival permeating the soft-focus, shapeshifting drones of Christina Giannone’s absorbing Glazed Vision. Subtle movements build on themselves to create walls of undulating sound, echoing in rhythm underneath a darkening sky. Giannone’s music is like a sheer veil surrounding a massive, intricate structure, flowing in enigmatic patterns, but still solid as a gleaming monument.

Distortion comes in waves, cultivated from the dense layers vibrating in empty space. “Divinity” crawls through a wind tunnel, electronic shrapnel firing off at intermittent angles while a ghostly choir is obscured by the gale. Textures change repeatedly; a haze envelops everything, as chords disintegrate into emptiness. Left with the void at our backs, phantom melodies are stretched to the breaking point and disappear on the solemn breeze. 

“Telepathy” mines similar spectral terrain, glassine tones brushed with decay, like submerged chains dragging against the ocean floor. Underwater ballet floats away, “Telepathy” a hand reaching back to hold everything together. There’s such a heavy sense of loss infused to this aural spread it pulls everything downward. As an antidote, “Immortality” grinds toward the sun, invisible harmonics rotating with force, tugging strings harder and harder until we begin to lift toward the heavens.

Giannone washes everything with a rough mist, clouding her melodies with rough patterns, moving against the elegant grain. Urgency drops listeners into the thick of Glazed Vision with opener “Realms II,” synthetic strings whirring to life surrounded by rippling vibrations. It looks for catharsis, but only finds a stronger, more anxious force. Glazed Vision is moving even at its most bleak and behind its careful steps and apprehensive ambiance, a quiet beauty lurks and waits for the right moment to make its move.

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