Track Premiere: Raia | Fiorito “Volatile”

On Italian composers Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito’s new album Thin Reactions, the duo share an intimate yet expansive sonic journey. This music is detailed, textured with emotion, and colored with a warm closeness. Still, the voyage is broad and immersive, and on the second single, “Volatile,” Raia and Fiorito fight against the dying light. 

Fiorito’s electronic drones are solid, immovable. Earth tones build in intensity, opening cracks in the song’s surface. Raia’s saxophone wheezes to life, an airy counterbalance to the deepening tones Fiorito develops. Searching the night sky for newly lit torches, Raia’s saxophone transforms into a beacon to guide the simple, effective rhythms rising from the core. It’s cryptic yet energizing. Darkness may win in the end, but Raia and Fiorito’s engaging sonic apparitions are a refuge to ride out the storm.

Raia | Fiorito’s Thin Reactions is out October 29 via Non Sempre Nuoce. Pre-order below.

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