Foxy Digitalis Mix #29: Threshing Spirit

Jordan Reyes won’t stop. His new Threshing Spirit album, The Crucible, comes out on Friday, October 29th, and is one hell of a trip. When we were doing the interview that ran a few weeks ago, I also asked if he’d make a black metal mix. My knowledge of black metal is still pretty hollow, but based on how deeply I connected with The Crucible, I felt confident that any mix Reyes put together would resonate. And I was right. 

These 12 tracks are sonically diverse and at times challenging, but like Threshing Spirit there is an obscured, odd melodic undercurrent to it all that is engaging as all hell. Dig in, turn it up, and grab Threshing Spirit’s The Crucible HERE.


Lamp of Murmuur – Dominatrix’s Call
Immortal – Withstand the Fall of Time
Hulder – A Forlorn Peasant’s Hymn
Grot – Moonlit Pathway
Grot – Bearing Eternal Significance
Nansarunai – The Eternal Bliss (Renunciation of Pilgrimage)
Old Nick – Iam Vampire Castle
Narvarog – A Tattered Banner On High
Koldovstvo – I
Erzfeynd – Schatwan Weriuuolf
Äkth Gánahëth – The Battle on Vígríðr
Threshing Spirit – Cloaked in Ash

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