Video Premiere: MOWRI “Prevent Your Choke”

We’ve got something a little different today in MOWRI’s anthemic “Prevent Your Choke.” Culled from a deep well of influences and inspirations, the track is a blast furnace, scorching all in its path, a wake-up call stretched across hypnotic beats and haunted ethereal soundscapes. Horror-soaked visuals back up the incredible choreography and dancing from Quetz Arias, Elijah Lancaster, and Coco, bringing the visceral nature of the track to life. Opening with a sample from John DiLulio, who coined the phrase ‘super predator,’ and tearing it to shreds lands with ample impact. “I’m a sinner, and you’re a fucking angel right?” he spits with venom.

About the piece, MOWRI explains, “This track speaks out against blind racism, hateful and demonizing stereotypes, ignorant judgment, and the general feeling of being isolated and ostracized as a person of color, as well as relishing in our power and unapologetic beauty.” Layers reveal deeper layers and eventually, the whole piece coalesces into a supernova, daring listeners not to completely let go.

The dark-hued palette and stark lighting amplify the message of “Prevent Your Choke.” MOWRI stands front and center, eyes sharp. Flutes and strings get down and pirouette in the air, absolutely going off on top of this growing, constantly expanding rhythm. It’s unreal. Dive in and let the catharsis howl at the moon all night long.

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