Never Temple “Throwing Around an Invisible Ball”

Mind-expanding sonic journeys shrouded in rolling mist stretch across an hour in reality, but are infinite in the tears of spacetime. Never Temple is the duo of Jaclyn Blumas (Doomsquad) and Alexandra Duvekot (Blue Crime). On Throwing Around an Invisible Ball they’re also joined by Lucy Kruger and Derek McKeon (Zones) for an hour-long exploration of the soothing spaces we hold within ourselves.

Resonant synth waves roll across the misty neon landscape. Sonic arrows arc in the air, piercing the cosmic shroud that covers this enchanted sound world. As arpeggios burst like effervescent flurries giving “Everything Will be Resolved, Everything Will Dissolve, Everything Will Evolve” an upward lift while a disembodied voice opens the gates by echoing, “Welcome to the Never Temple. You have arrived.” Eyes closed, I drift away on this lush interstellar voyage through the celestial spheres and deep beneath hidden aquatic realms.

Never Temple’s music is in constant motion. “Everything Will be Resolved, Everything Will Dissolve, Everything Will Evolve” runs down the crystal mountain, pooling gracefully at the bottom as it shifts into a ghostly incantation with heady bass swells rolling across the underworld, singing, “We are on a boat, and the boat is a raft.” The journey continues.

The glow turns inward on the flipside’s “Bow to Me, Bow to Yourself, Lay Your Head Upon the Mountains of my Chest.” A roiling sea of electronic dreams fades into view like a vision from a distant future. While the images are unrecognizable, the familiar feeling of longing ripples throughout the tranquil vistas. Voices mix with sharp synthetic ripples and midnight field recordings to create gems as light as air. It’s a welcoming, open space filled with aural light and magic. Never Temple have tapped into something special on Throwing Around an Invisible Ball and given it freely as a gift from beyond the divide, inviting us to embrace the best version of ourselves.

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