Video Premiere: Ben Pritchard “Glow Line”

Ben Pritchard’s latest album, Up in Air, has a vulnerability woven through its lyrical threads and plaintive guitar melodies. Joined by Otto Willberg on bass and Sholto Dobie on table organ, a familiarity emerges from the opening, understated romp of “Glow Line,” reminding us of a place we’ve been before even if the light and the details are completely different. The ordinary becomes ephemeral in Jamie Jenkinson’s video as it moves across patterns on the beach, seeking the horizon that’s blocked by the sea. Pritchard’s words drift off like smoke to either be forgotten or immortalized depending on the direction of the wind. “The deepest sea is clear with enough light,” Pritchard muses, guitar lines growing more urgent as they push toward the water.

Up in Air is out on November 17 via Okraina Records and Ben will be performing at Cafe OTO on November 29th to celebrate its release.

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