Foxy Digitalis Mix #35: The Triforce Pt. 2 (Milieu)

Building off yesterday’s in-depth conversation with Brian Grainger aka Milieu aka Coppice Halifax aka… I put together this selection of his Zelda-themed/inspired works. Most of these pieces come from Improvisations For Hylian Horn & Pipe Organ and Improvisations For Hylian Piano & Woodwinds albums, but there are a few bits from his two Zelda-inspired splits with Millipede as well. Head on over to his Bandcamp page to dig in further.

1. The Hundred Year Resurrection
2. Hidden Seeds
3. The Great Tree
4. King’s Cathedral
5. Mipha’s Silver Tears
6. Sunshrooms
7. Faron Grasslands
8. Lost Woods
9. Wizzrobe Airsteps
10. Whistling Hill
11. Forest Meadow
12. Typhlo Ruins
13. Organ of Evening Calm
14. Rainfail on the Ruins of the Temple
15. Stars Falling Over the Span
16. The Green Grass of Hyrule

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