Video Premiere: Robbie Lee “Duskfallen”

It’s been an excellent autumn for those, like myself, who have an appreciation for Robbie Lee’s unique sound worlds. As part of a trio with James Ilgenfritz and Brian Chase, Loss & Gain was released by Infrequent Seams this month, and now Relative Pitch gives us the spectacular Prismatist

“Duskfallen” opens the album and showcases Lee’s spellbinding ability not just as a horn player, but as a songwriter too. Within the rapid-moving runs and flickering arpeggios, lyrical imagery appears. Lee crafts this sparkling piece of music using an array of impressive techniques, but he doesn’t do this just to layer in things that sound interesting. “Duskfallen” sings because it has such a depth of emotion to it. It’s beautiful in places and cathartic in others.

Get lost in this wonderfully psychedelic video Lee made for “Duskfallen” and pick up a copy of Prismatist below.

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