Video Premieres: Dan Hayhurst “Point Absorbing All Points” & “Clone Library”

As ½ of the swirling duo of psychedelic electronic profligacy, Sculpture, Dan Hayhurst has created some of the strangest, and most wonderful, webs of sound imaginable. His recent solo album, Counters, is an extension of that theme in the way it disturbs the universal flow and pretty much dissolves everything it touches into bubbling sonic goop. It’s a delight, obviously.

To further expand these odd-angled dream worlds, Hayhurst collaborated with filmmaker Alice Doušová for two videos from the album, “Points Absorbing All Points” and “Clone Library.” The former drifts through air examining sterile landscapes where the greenery feels more like a disease than a respite. Coastlines become soundwaves as the music creaks along, haunted and blurred. Focusing in on a stoic concrete cube, the resolution is unmoving. 

“Clone Library” is the polar opposite of “Points,” brightly-colored and teeming with tiny life. Insects pop along through microscopic landscapes while some kind of disembodied grass fairy embraces a tree. It’s delightfully bonkers and exists in the same bubbling globe as the song itself. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Counters is out now on LTR Records. Grab a copy below. Hayhurst will also be doing a livestream on December 17th that will certainly be a trip.

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