Foxy Digitalis Mix #39: David Watson

David Watson’s upcoming collaboration with Matthew Welch, Woven, is an ecstatic vision of bagpipe reverie. It’s music that will simultaneously lift spirits and blow down the walls. For decades, Watson has been an enigmatic piper pushing the limits of his instrument and composing pieces that expand listeners’ ideas of what bagpipe music is and can be. Woven is no different. 

When Room 40 boss Lawrence English mentioned that Watson was putting together a mix, I was thrilled. Then I heard this selection for the first time and I was over the moon. It’s a wild, delightful ride. 

Woven will be released on December 10th via Room 40. I urge you to pre-order a copy today.


Bagpipe Music of Rhodope Mountains – Rodopi Gaida Suita
Ramon Garcia – Canto Asturiano
Bachir Attar, Master Musicians of Joujouka – Untitled
Waulking Songs of Barra – Robh thusa Bheinm
Bagad Kemper – Untitled
Zadik Zecharia – Kurdish Melodies on Zorna
Donald Macleod – Canntaireachd (The Kings Taxes)
Paul Dunmall & Han-Earl Park – Boolean Transforms
Lachlan MacCrimmon – Flowers of the Forest (1906)
Bagpipes of Low Countries – Het Daghet inden Osten
Brian Chase – Drum Roll Drone
David Watson – Snakes (1991)
Royal Air Force of Oman – P/M Ian Kendrick
Matthew Welch plays Anthony Braxton – 118a (2000)
Petros Halkias – Skaros
David Watson – Stomion (2001)

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