Foxy Digitalis Mix #43: Scoromide

When I reviewed the excellent Central Isteric PASS/PORT album (on czaszka (rec.)) earlier this year, I mentioned that I didn’t have much of a grasp on Romanian experimental music. After publishing the review, Gili Mocanu (the brains behind Central Isteric) and I struck up a conversation on Twitter about what’s going on in his home country. He gave a few pointers and I started digging. Then, a few days later he sends over a link to a mix from Scoromide – another stellar Romanian artist – for Foxy Digitalis of all Romanian music. I listen to it. It rules. Now it’s everyone else’s turn.

Scoromide can be found on Soundcloud.

Neon Cola – Cumpăna Porții [Orgone Dealers]
Diana Miron, Laurențiu Coțac – SOMA [self-released]
Bogdana Dima, Terolaviu Popescu – Giant Isopod in Captivity [unreleased]
Bosses Hang – Untitled [Orgone Dealers]
CPU99 – Tangaj Unu [Orgone Dealers]
Somnoroase Păsărele – ZEET SIDE DB [unreleased]
Michiu – This government is evil [Orgone Dealers]

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