Video Premiere: Solilians “Old Schmeckled Hen”

Haze dissipates into the sonic forests of the first single from Solilians new EP, In the Running 2: Solilians – American Klezmische, “Old Schmeckled Hen.” The quartet is on the move as percussion grinds through hardened soil as the track opens, giving way to the softer edge of banjo clang and feathery vocal layers. Psychedelic tone maps swirl across neon skies, heightened by the kaleidoscopic visuals. Neptune Sweet’s hallucinatory vocals get swallowed by the sonic ark rising from deep within the Earth propelled forward by the driving rhythm. “Old Schmeckled Hen” is an enticing first taste from Solilian’s forthcoming EP.

In the Running 2: Solilians – American Klezmische is out January 10 via I Heart Noise. In the Running 2: Solilians – American Klezmische

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