Foxy Digitalis Mix #44: Mephisto Halabi

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Mephisto Halabi’s The Arabic Room continues to keep me fried and overjoyed. It’s one of my favorite albums of the year and rewards listeners who dig into its every crevice. I can’t get enough. When I asked Julius Masri (the brains behind all of it) to splice together a mix of tunes that have inspired and influenced him to create that holy space, well… it doesn’t disappoint. Read the interview I did with Julius. Buy the album. Take flight.

Benasser Oukhouya- Ach Ja Idir
Maalem Paco Abderrahmane – Soubaii
Charles Mingus – Better Get It in your Soul
Hassan Hakmoun – Adam Rudolph – Don Cherry – Marhaba
Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome
Sandy Bull – with Billy Higgins. Blend Part One
Fairuz – Ya Mirsal el Marasil
Pearls Before Swine Another Time
Saidii Musician – (rip from youtube)
Sun City Girls- Space Prophet Dogon
Tim Buckley – Hallucinations
Fairuz – Ya Ahl elDar
Zajal- Traditional Levantine Freestyle poetry
Egyptian Local Musicians – (rip from youtube)
Stooges – TV Eye

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