Foxy Digitalis Radio #4: Nat Baldwin & Tripticks Tapes

For the fourth, and possibly last (if you want to fund/host future episodes, get in touch!) episode of Foxy Digitalis Radio, I was thrilled to talk to Nat Baldwin about his own creative practice and his incredible new label, Tripticks Tapes. Nat’s been around for a while and his solo work on double bass is always interesting, especially as he veers between two sides: more song-based work and experimental/improvisational pieces. That broad spirit can also be found in the incredible releases he’s had on Tripticks Tapes this year.

Endless gratitude to Radio Coyote for asking me to do the show and airing it this fall!

Here’s the tracklist for the episode:
Nat Baldwin “Communal Luxury” (from Common Currents)
Nat Baldwin “dark matter” (from AUTONOMIA I: Body Without Organs)
Luke Stewart “Track 2” (from Works For Electric Bass Guitar)
Nat Baldwin “Half My Life” (from In the Hollows)
fluke-mogul / Liberatore / Mattrey / Mendoza “Country Lullaby” (from Death in the Gilded Age)
Steve Long “Code-Talker: Part 1 (excerpt)” (from Code-Talker)
TAK + Brandon Lopez “Empty And​/​Or Church of Plenty – Side B (excerpt) (from Empty And​/​Or Church of Plenty)

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