Video Premiere: Galán / Vogt “Above the Aether”

In life, there’s a moment before a redemptive arc begins. It’s not exactly the calm before the storm, though it’s similar. It’s the line drawn between the before and the after; a knife-edge that we usually don’t notice until it’s gone, but a place where, if things went differently, would cut us to shreds. “Above the Aether,” another stunning track from Galán / Vogt’s fantastic The Sweet Wait

Vogt’s vocals are spellbinding yet again, a massive star that pulls in everything around it and holds it in a delicate orbit. Rain quietly tickles the windows as she sings, Pepo Galán’s lilting piano chords streaming toward a fading horizon. The duo is joined by Simon McCorry on cello and his arrangement adds another layer of wilting melancholy to commemorate the pieces of ourselves we’ve discarded and left to decay in the past.

For a split second, James Eakins’ video shows the world turned upside down. Neon lights pierce the darkness, the first indications that tomorrow will offer a chance for something new. “My video making process starts and ends with color,” Eakins explains and it’s woven throughout, enhancing the lush landscapes of the music. 

Notably, the video is vertical rather than the usual, expected landscape orientation. It fits the music well, but it’s simpler than that. Eakins explains, “The vertical format conveys a kind of intimacy that a horizontal or square one doesn’t; especially when viewed on a mobile phone. The reality is that this is how the majority of viewers are watching music videos.” As I watched this video over and over in a darkened room, curled on the couch with my phone, Eakins’ words ring true and that closeness only deepens the connections to the song.

The Sweet Wait is out now and can be streamed and pre-ordered below.

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