Track Premiere: Armbruster “In the First Leaves”

Troy, New York’s Armbruster creates a warm sonic sanctuary with his new album, Masses. Using acoustic and electric violins, Armbruster communes with the open spaces of an old church where Masses was recorded. On this first single, “In the First Leaves,” lilting repetitions meditate on the gravity of weightless emotions left to percolate through generations unchecked. Each note is a soft dagger falling to the ground; a stake through the heart’s core. The looping melody is a cozy invitation into this familiar world where sunlight dances with airborne dust particles against a backdrop of introspective whispers that hum through Armbruster’s ageless textures and alluring tones. “In the First Leaves” is a magical introduction.

Masses is out on January 28 via Dear Life and can be pre-ordered below. 

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