Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #3: Armbruster

As Armbruster readies his fantastic new album, Masses, on Dear Life Records, he brings the same warm spirit to this fantastic Foxy Digitalis mix. Titled “You Walked In On The Ritual,” Armbruster takes an eclectic offering of songs and personal recordings and sculpts them into an engaging exploration. In his own words, “The mix makes some mighty genre leaps, but it’s brought together by a sense of ritual or practice beyond the sound itself– basically things that make me think ‘it feels like something else is going on here…’ It’s a mix of personal influences/inspirations and a few projects I’ve been involved with.”

Dig in and pre-order Masses while you’re at it!

Alleluia diffusa est gratia (excerpt) – Perotin
Born, Never Asked – Laurie Anderson
Others – Darksquare Bishop
Fragment – Hamilton Craig
The Mole Man of Hackney – Caoimhin O Raghallaigh
Horse eating carrots in Poestenkill
Twenty Years – Bill Frisell Quartet
My two year old singing
Little Twelvetoes – Bob Dorough
Return to Forever – Chick Corea
Excerpt from the car
Thig Am Bata – Julie Fowlis
Opening Story (Live at the Ranch) – Joan Kelsey’s Silver Lining
Turn To Flee – Adirondack Whaling Company
Spring Round Dances – Igor Stravinsky
Live at Troy Foundry Theatre (excerpt) – Armbruster & Marre
Creepy, scary water music
Pe in Eirinn I – Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

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