Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #6: Boo Hiss

Boo Hiss’s Todd Drootin (aka Books on Tape) doesn’t just dig into places most of us wouldn’t venture, he digs into places most of us don’t even know exist. His newest joint, Sike Jaz (from Deathbomb Arc) is a psychedelia-infused resurrection ritual that turns dreams into smoke monsters and twists rainbows into a gentle sonic bludgeon ripping us to shreds for the poetic possibilities. Ramshackle rhythms and blitzed-out organ jamfests stew in the hot tub with backwater carnival regalia and burnt-out guitar shredders like they’re all some kind of cosmic cousins. Sike Jaz is it.

Drootin put together this all-vinyl mix fittingly titled Safe Travels because the zigzag journey it takes us on is a swift marathon buoyed with gentle caresses. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to it so now it’s everyone else’s turn. Sike Jaz is out now and worth every sweet penny hiding in the couch.


Philemon Zulu – Jesu Wami
John Berbarian and the Rock East Ensemble – Iron Maiden
Avolonto Honoré – Bea
Perucho’s – Tumor
Toto Bissainthe w/ Marie-Claude Benoit and Mariann Mathéus – Ibi Ogoun Dariush Dolat-Shahi – (end of Shabistan) -> Hur
Chisato Yamada w/ Oriental Fantastic Orchestra – Sea Of Japan suite, First Movement
Ann McMillan – Syrinx
Jonas Gwangwa and African Explosion – Dark City
Gamelan Semar Pegulinan – Gambang
Amabutho Male Chorus with Art Ensemble of Chicago – Black Man
Ustad Bismallah Khan with Shenhai Nawaz – Bhairawi Drum In Kerharwa Tale of 8 Beat
Dumi and the Maraire Marimba Ensemble – Chemtengure
Masi Asakawa – Page One
Mighty Diamonds – Have Mercy
Innersketches – Rolling (excerpt)

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