Track Premiere: Vlad Dobrovolski “See And Keep Silence”

Subtle shifts are like mountainous choruses throughout Vlad Dobrovolski’s newest smooth-cut diamond, Playbacks for Dreaming. On “See And Keep Silence.” The mines open into expansive underground caverns where gems shimmer across every surface and unimaginable neon flora blossoms into life. Dobrovolski is a master at creating imaginative tonal textures and mixing them with hypnotic arpeggios that create lush, sonic dreams. 

“See And Keep Silence” moves in adjacent directions with the looping sequences cutting through twinkling subterranean layers like a glowing river of liquid glass. Across the aerial divide, though, crystalized electronics are like gold and silver glitter hovering against the ceiling, creating prisms that reflect rainbows into the air. Whispers call from a distance, pulling our attention further into the chasm. Dobrovolski continues plucking each vibrating string.

Playbacks for Dreaming will be released on March 4 by Muscut on vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order HERE.

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