Track Premiere: Post Moves “Always For Pleasure”

Sam Wenc’s new album as Post Moves, Heart Music, rides in a space that finds long-forgotten aquifers in parched, abandoned expanses. The first single, “Always For Pleasure,” utilizes his focused approach on pedal steel, but builds outward with a diverse palette and keen ear for sonic details. Empty spaces become lush aural environments as he colors in the crevices with quizzical guitar leads, free-flowing percussion, and a glowing heap of vibraphone resonance. Dramatic turns open new doors as the underlying steel slithers languidly and wraps itself around the hypnotizing bassline, turning the horizon into a dripping waterfall connected to the setting sun. 

Wenc pulls countless strings on “Always For Pleasure,” but is always locked into the destination off in the distance. The opening quiet engages listeners, putting us in a trance so that the deluge cleanses our spirits rather than douses the flame when it finally rains down. 

Heart Music will be released on April 8 by Where to Now? Pre-order below.

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