Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #9: The Vex Collection

The more I got into The Vex Collection’s forthcoming debut, the more I started thinking about music made with or focused around instruments with double reeds. So while I started doing a little of my own digital crate digging, it made more sense to get outside reinforcements. Considering how unique the approach of the ensemble is (and the quality of their album!), I asked The Vex Collection if they’d want to do a mix of music based around double reeds. Suffice to say, they delivered.

The Vex Collection’s debut is out this Friday, February 18. Grab a copy HERE!

David Watson and Matthew Welch – Woven
Kostadin Varimezov – Melodies for Kukerovden
The Vex Collection – Fugue
Ned Rothenberg, gamin, Satoshi Takeishi – Jungmori Blues: I. Jungmori
Mat Muntz – twilight
Dana Jessen – Parts One and Two (Winter Chapel)
Kim Suk Chul – Mun Kut Samul
Saeid Shanbehzadeh – Zar
Ornette Coleman – Buddha Blues

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