Track Premiere: Ensemble Dal Niente “We Don’t Eat Dead Things”

Inside a jet black room, sharp tendrils of light seep in on “We Don’t Eat Dead Things,” the first single from Ensemble Dal Niente’s stunning object/animal. Composed by LJ White, the piece is equal parts whimsical and wild. Sopranos Amanda DeBoer Bartlett and Carrie Henneman Shaw weave their voices into enchanting sunset hues, cascading across the growing dissonance like rainbows spread across growling storm clouds. Strings and horns begin to coalesce, spilling lilting melodies into the darkening stream. Golden voices morph into discordant chants, further remnants of a fallen civilization etched into the frosted glass of towering high rises. “We Don’t Eat Dead Things” is an incredible ride right until the last crash.

object/animal will be released on March 25 via Sideband Records. Pre-order below:

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