Video Premiere: Laura Cannell “The Girl Who Became An Owl”

With Laura Cannell’s new album, Antiphony of the Trees, she elevates the recorder into a higher realm. On “The Girl Who Became An Owl,” the latest preview, a solemn, contemplative feeling flows throughout. Languid squalls breathe inside the middle register imbuing a peacefulness beneath the melancholic movements. Drones ground the lyrical dance of multiple interwoven melodies keeping them from drifting away. 

In the magenta-and-mustard-hued video, Cannell’s cloaked silhouette walks toward the sea with a quiet purpose, the waves lapping in slow motion as time becomes a distant memory. This music is infused with an ageless spirit.

Antiphony of the Trees will be released on March 11 via Laura’s label, Brawl Records. Pre-order below.

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