Video Premiere: Jozef Van Wissem “What Hearts Must Bleed, What Tears Must Fall”

For almost two decades, lutenist and composer Jozef Van Wissem has explored the boundaries and possibility of the lute. His work mixes baroque stylings and experimental approaches to create something continually evolving and often surprising. His forthcoming album, Behold! I Make All Things New, is an enticing mix of masterful lute playing and ruminative electronics. 

“What Hearts Must Bleed, What Tears Must Fall” showcases the emotion of the album and how it is heightened by Van Wissem’s skill as not just a musician but as a composer, too. Featuring intertwining layers of stirring lute arrangements, the song flits between a minimal reflection before exploding into a heartfelt aural dance. The black and white imagery in the video moves in slow succession, heightening the introspective nature of the piece and adding a sense of wonder. It’s all very emotional and dramatic as Van Wissem confidently picks each passage with care. “What Hearts Must Bleed, What Tears Must Fall” is a beautiful stand against the darkness.

Behold! I make All Things New will be released on March 28 via Incunabulum Records. Pre-order HERE.

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