Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #11: Regional Attraction

I admit to being a little biased when it comes to the excellent Portland label, Regional Attraction, but that’s okay. Run by my longtime friend, Andrew Heuback, there’s a curatorial consistency to the label that hits so many of my weaknesses. Heuback has always had great taste and his previous label, Overland Shark, was a jumping off point. Regional Attraction feels like the slightly-older, cooler cousin. With releases from Iu Takahashi, Cosmic Surveillance, Fly Kin Mountain, and more, the wavelength is similar, just further out into the cosmos.

This mix, called Tri-State Exit, gets into all those same cracks. From Heuback:

“This program surveys an underappreciated minimal/jazz/other music scene happening right now in the NE USA. For further listening, please refer to the catalogs of Pink Pamphlet, Perfect Wave, and GALTTA.”

Wind❏ws – Shadows & Light (2021) and Adrian Knight – Damn the Flood (2021) are available now via Regional Attraction.

Adrian Knight “Till Minne Av (prototype)” from Fly By Night (originally issued by Pink Pamphlet, 2014; reissued by Thanatosis Produktion, 2019).

YAI “Spiritual Machines” from Flowers From Home (Not Not Fun, 2022). YAI is David Lackner and John Thayer.

Energy ☆ “~ ~ ~ ~ ~” from Energy ☆ (GALTTA, 2018). Energy ☆ is Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Bryce Hackford.

Matt Evans “Touchless” from touchless (Whatever’s Clever, 2021). This track features David Lackner.

Wind❏ws “Dawn Light” from Spiral Tundra (GALTTA, 2020). Wind❏ws is Camilla Padgitt-Coles and David Lackner.

Anthony Vine “North” from Remnants (GALTTA, 2017). The personnel for this track includes David Lackner, Adrian Knight, Matt Evans, and others.

Private Elevators “Sharon, I Told You” from LA Looks (Perfect Wave, 2017). Private Elevators is Adrian Knight and Matt Evans.

Bryce Hackford “Harbor” from Safe (Exits) (Spring Theory, 2020). This album’s personnel includes David Lackner, Adrian Knight, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Matt Evans, and others.

Ivy Meadows “Áries” from Zodiac (originally created for Rachel Day’s Zodiac Subscription, 2013; reissued by Moon Glyph, 2017). Ivy Meadows is Camilla Padgitt-Coles.

Synthetic Love Dream “The Royal Scotsman” from The Royal Scotsman (GALTTA, 2017). This album’s personnel includes David Lackner, Adrian Knight, and others.

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