Video Premiere: Ben von Wildenhaus “World Best”

Take a deep breath. Get ready. We’re going for a ride. (and it’s all for a good cause). Ben von Wildenhaus assembled an all-star cast to kaleidoscope around the world, splitting off into cohabitating factions where skeletal guitar melodies and weird incantations dance in harmony. Snaking through abandoned streets, vocalizations become signposts to lead us into the wilderness where all the beauty lives. The video is a good time all around, tongue in cheek, and oddly engaging. Trains carry us away on the slithering leads that wind across groove-heavy bass lines. This journey might be filled with detours and car crashes, but that’s not going to diminish the fervent glee World Best brings.

World Best is von Wildenhaus’s latest concoction and the list of contributors is a mile long. Everyone from Dave Abramson (Master Musicians of Bukkake, Diminished Men) and Ilyas Ahmed to Jude Webre (Jack Martin’s Bob Dylan Death Watch, Two Dark Birds), Arrington de Dionyoso, Bill Horist, Leyna Marika Papach, and so many more. All proceeds from the cassette release cassette sales go to direct cash support for unhoused neighbors in Tacoma, WA. Grab it below:

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