Track Premiere: Robert Nance “Sech Kleine Klavierstücke – vi. Sehr langsam”

American guitarist and composer, as well as Mobius Trio founding member, Robert Nance makes a heavy impact in a shade under 90 seconds with an interpretation of Schoenberg’s “Sech Kleine Klavierstücke – vi. Sehr langsam.” This is music with a view. Nance balances intimate, engaging guitar passages with the allure of empty space to create a series of emotive sonic gestures flowing like a memorable caress. A contemplative half-scale ripples across hollowed-out half-domes; featherweight and lively, the chord echoes like a long farewell across the divide. If time is a construct, Nance’s “Sechs kleine Klavierstücke” is a redolent skyscraper.

“Sechs kleine Klavierstücke” is officially out on March 4 and can be pre-ordered and heard below.

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