Video Premiere: Jeremy Young “Untitled (For Toma)”

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Sontag Shogun’s collaborative album with Lau Nau, Jeremy Young veers into woozier territory with his new solo effort, August Tape Sketches. Created primarily with sine and square wave oscillators plus tape loops, the album glows in its restraint. On “Untilted For Toma,” Young twists guitar laments into a sinuous reflection, like hearing the heartbeat of the world through the aural equivalent of a funhouse mirror. It’s familiar and off-kilter at the same time. 

In the earth tone-hued animated video, pine cones float in shimmering water while Colombian/Canadian dancer and choreographer Yesenia Fuentes‘s arm gently moves the pieces around, pulling invisible strings that ripple further than we can see. Fuentes was an integral force behind the video which highlights the peacefulness of Young’s work is peaceful, but an underlying eerie feeling keeps floating through. 

Young will be playing a solo set (dual tape machine improv style!) this Friday, March 4, at La lumière collective in Montreal. More info HERE.

August Tape Sketches is out on March 14 via Meakusma. Pre-order below:

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