Video Premiere: The Folk Spectre “82 Ford Escort”

Pete Nolan’s Spectre Folk/The Folk Spectre has gone through numerous evolutions in the past two decades and with his forthcoming record, Mountain Transmission, the shadows are getting longer and our vision is becoming blurred. “82 Ford Escort” is a slow crawl through the woods fueled by lysergic acoustic strums and searching leads. Nolan’s voice is a blanket that hits somewhere between swaddling and suffocation, droning out meandering circles in the glycerine sky. Each playthrough of “82 Ford Escort,” my heartbeat slows and the world begins to fade away. Something is calming in the straight-ahead approach; a psychedelic massage floating toward the end times without a further care.

Mountain Transmission will be released on April 1 via Nolan’s Arbitrary Signs label. Snag that below:

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