Video Premiere: Lay Llamas “Circular Time”

Lay Llamas is the duo of Nicola Giunta and Gioele Valenti and they refuse to be held in by any singular dimension. On the Black Sweat released Goud, the group gets into some seriously psychedelic zones. Dub-infused rhythms hold hands with magnetic bass pulses, creating a dizzying journey backward through time. Mesmerizing vocal incantations invite the descent as if all the answers are one psychotropic trip into the catacombs. In a video for “Circular Time” directed by Giunta, the sonics of the track become electronic diagrams and shapes mixed with nostalgic imagery, all filtered through sentimental overtones. It’s a wonderful, if not odd, juxtaposition of moods that reflects the hallucinatory nature of the song. Lay Llamas mix cryptic passages with a touch of romance to build out an album cut from another time. They morph into different corners with a prismatic authority, spreading this chimeric rainbow vision through the clouds. It’s excellent.

Goud is out now via Black Sweat with a fantastic cover by Virginia Genta of Jooklo. Grab it below.

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