Track Premiere: Eucalyptus “Dust in the Wind”

Time stands still on the utterly beguiling first missive from Eucalyptus’s forthcoming album, Moves. Led by saxophonist and composer Brodie West, the Toronto octet sends out a personal and introspective rumination on “Dust in the Wind.” Joined by a host of stellar musicians including trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud, bassist Michael Smith, and newly-joined guitarist Kurt Newman, Eucalyptus brings a soft touch to the piece that was composed in 2018 and played for the first time a year later. 

Rampersaud’s evocative passages open a cocoon to guide us through tight spaces built by the impressive rhythm section of Smith, Blake Howard, and Nick Fraser. West adds cloud-like flourishes over the lush treatments of Newman’s guitar. The light touch throughout “Dust in the Wind” is sneaky because there’s a strong emotional thread running throughout buoyed by a sense of mystery. “I don’t think all we are is dust in the wind but when lit just so, you can see dust in the air move in a mysterious way,” West says. “Let this piece distort your sense of time just like dust in the wind.” 

Moves will be released May 13 via Telephone Explosion Records. Listen and pre-order below.

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