Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #14: Beachers

There’s an element of the unexpected to Daryl Worthington’s Beachers project. When I think about the three releases I’ve heard, the main connective tissue is the underlying curiosity. Worthington is an explorer. He never seems settled, but there’s a certain comfort in the fluidity of his sound. As a listener, it keeps me guessing and excited about where the road will take the project next. That this mix is titled ‘Songs That Sound or Move Like Dust makes a lot of sense. On the surface, it’s ambiguous, but the deeper we go and the closer attention paid, a story begins to crystalize. 

Beachers’ latest album is called The endless endlessness of endlessness and is available via his Bandcamp HERE. Worthington also has a fantastic project, [something’s happening] with poet Iris Colomb that is an absolute delight. Listen to their debut EP HERE.

tarxun and Siavash Hakim – Fading Urbanity
Omari Jazz – Little Web ft. Dolphin Midwives & B
[something’s happening] – And stopped
Daphne X – Irmia’s Bones Crackle
CERPINTXT – pet tapeworm
Sunun – Korona Blues
bleed Air – Time Dilation
Windy & Carl – Will I See The Dawn
Margenrot – Ligature
HMOT – Клуб «Никогда» / Club Nevermore
Jeff T Byrd – Looking for a Man
Free Magic Show – Nonlinear Edits of Postproduction
Beachers – Untitled
Cravune – Reveries
Daphne X – Portrait of a Quantified Angel
Euphoria Echoes of Inotai – Ritual Of Rhiannon
Szlazak – Mantrols
Dutch Courage – Stranger – Be the Unexpected

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