Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #16: Kendraplex

Considering how much I love Kendraplex’s music, I shouldn’t be surprised at how much this mix got to me, but here we are. It’s not just the selection of great tunes (many of which I was previously unfamiliar with), but she has such a good ear and unique perspective that the way she put this together is just as important. I hope you will do like I did and search out music by these artists because there are a lot of beautiful gems here to find. 

Meanwhile, make sure to grab Kendraplex’s Two Rivers mixtape. It’s one of my favorites this year. 

Carl Aagesen – Go Around Them
Jenny Moon Tucker – Live at Cold Spring Hollow
Rocio Zavala – LightBody
Brent Gutzeit – Worried Blues
Ampyre – Dark Cells Within the Labyrinth
Absolute Terror Field – Financialized Transcendental Subjectivity
AJ Glaub – Sat Morning Suitcase Jam
Sam – Core
Brent Gutzeit and Mike Shiflet – Detroit To Flint
AJ Glaub – Under the Tree
Japhy – Forecast
Scruhber – Pidge
Jordan Rehak – PQ-50 Feedback Loop
Japhy – Gerald
Carl Aagesen – Prelude

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