Track Premiere: April Clocks “The Gentle/I’d Rather Be Dreaming”

Danilo Betti gets into a lot of different zones on April Clocks’ newest, It Takes Time. From proto-electro bangers and expansive, lilting ambiance to the drifting, minimal soundscapes on “The Gentle/I’d Rather Be Dreaming.” Quiet pulses push the swirling electronics into a free-flowing river that can’t let up the momentum even if it tried. Betti layers multiple melodies in a dense haze, the crackling rhythm methodic and sterilized. As the piece glides ahead, a shimmering pool of gauzy synth pads and altered moods. It’s a beautiful trip once the tension lifts.

It Takes Time will be released on cassette via Union Editions on April 15. Listen and pre-order below.

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