Video Premiere: Jolanda Moletta “Spell III: In the Great City Solitude”

As She Owl’s Jolanda Moletta prepares her forthcoming solo vocal ambient album, Nine Spells, she is sharing a series of video productions – one for each of the nine songs on the album. In the third chapter, “In the Great City of Solitude,” Moletta channels disparate energies into solemn vocal loops that leave listeners contemplating loneliness and abandonment while surrounded by multitudes. Intimate reflections echo through Moletta’s mesmerizing vocals. A disorienting feeling of being adrift in the ocean, water placid and barely moving to the point we feel weightless as we float runs through the repeating passages. It commands attention, but at an arm’s length, as the isolation comes back into view. 

Using time-lapse imagery of San Francisco from photographer John Lewandowsky, Moletta brings the dichotomy into full focus. “I saw the short time-lapse videos of the full moon rising over San Francisco, and I thought they were perfect for this song,” she explains. “The contrast between the Moon and the City describes perfectly the atmosphere of this track. The video is about two energies that manifest a different intensity.”

Nine Spells is coming soon via Ambientologist. Follow them on Bandcamp for updates.

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